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Have yourself a Happy Handmade Christmas!

After the enormous success of ‘We Make London’ in June, the We Make team is back with a vengeance with the forthcoming ‘We Make Christmas’

The We Make Christmas fair (Saturday 6th December 2008) kicks off the festive shopping season for Londoners seeking those illusive unique, affordable handmade gifts. Held at The American Church in London’s West End, We Make is a concept created by local designer-makers for local designer-makers: a showcase for talent, a market-place and a family day out all under one roof.

The We Make team comprises of a group of trendy young artisans, ‘doing it for themselves’. They wanted a place to show their designs so they invented one. At this second event, visitors will be given a rare chance to buy and commission work from a wide range of innovative and unique artisans.

Check out the UKHandmade Blog for the full story

There will be ‘how to make’ demonstrations, Carol Singers, and Mince Pies to be had. Not to mention

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WE MAKE CHRISTMAS offers buyers the chance to buy something unique and timeless and designer / makers the chance to sell directly to buyers. Come and see us on Saturday 6th December 2008 at The American Church, Tottenham Court Road, London

FOLKSY are a brand new website offering sellers the chance to sell their handmade goods from a UK platform, and buyers the chance to buy Etsy style goodies in good old £

Together, we’re running a competition called “Folksy Angels”. This has no reference to the gaudy 70s ‘Charlie’ variety but to a new breed of metrosexual dudey doers, i.e. you. To see the competition brief in all its glory go to the flickr group Folksy Angels. If you can’t be bothered to do that and want to know the basics here they are:
  • Create a Christmas (or Hannukah or any other wintry, celebratory festival) decoration using recycled or upcycled materials (majority)
  • Submit you thing as an image on the Flickr group Folksy Angels
  • Add a description on the item about what it’s made with and why you made it
  • Entries close on the 30th November
  • We’ll start a blog post on the 1st Dec where your comment will act as your vote on the item. Voting will close at midnight on the 3rd
  • The winner gets free listings and no commission from sales on Folksy for A WHOLE YEAR starting 1st January 2009 and ending 31st
  • December 2009. In addition to this the winning entry will become part of the special Promotional Goodie bag given away as a prize at the We Make Christmas raffle.
  • The most popular photographs will also be made into Greetings Cards which will be available for sale via Folksy and at We Make Christmas.
This competition is open to everyone and anyone, so hop over to the Folksy Angels Flickr group and get crafting!
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I have discovered the joys of screen printing using a gocco printer.  Goccos are small hand printers made in Japan that were originally designed for printing cards.

You create an image using either pen and ink or a photocopy and use the machine to burn a silk screen which is then used to print.  To use this as to print on fabric you then remove it from the machine and use as a stencil.  After you have allowed it to dry and heat set it you have an image that is machine washable and iron proof and incredibly professional looking.

These designs look wonderful on baby onesies.  Astrid is rarely seen without one these days!

                                    For sale in US $                                                    

For sale in UK £


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Click on the flyer for more info

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Yesterday I discovered  www.redbubble.com

The idea is that you upload your art work and they transfer it into Greetings Cards, Prints, Framed Prints, and even Tshirts.

You can then buy these but they also advertise them for sale for everyone else to buy.

They don't make anything until someone buys so you don't have to pay anything.  You put your mark up on (I currently have 20% on mine) and they send you your royalties when you sell.  They take a cut themselves and make and post the item.  You keep the copyright to your work.

They also give you a special page with html to promote your work... like this:
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I am sure everyone has heard me going on and on about Etsy - the ebay style website that is only for selling things that are handmade.  My friend Eugenie introduced me to it a year or so ago and I now both buy and sell things on there.

The only problem is that it is all in US dollars and most of the sellers are in the US which is a big pain and puts a lot of people off of registering with them.

But... one of the UK based Etsy users showed me THIS SITE - www.pinkdoodle.com

Rubbish name, obvious Etsy copy... but... I can have a shop on there and buy on there using £.  And listing is free until March.  It is still in the early stages but I have already sold something through it.

Might be a good base for a Hedgewitch's Kitchen online base or a Witch Stitch shop????
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We are back!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year (and Happy Chinese New Year for yesterday).

The Birch Tree has been away due to me giving birth to a wonderful baby girl at the beginning of December.

Hello there!

Now that she is two months old I have been able to sit her quietly in her bouncy chair while I get on with the important task of making things and, more importantly, posting them out to people.

New updates in my Ebay and Etsy shops include the brand new Pug bag for 2008, Pagan 'days of the week' baby and children's clothing, baby hats, and a new women's clothing line.  I told you I'd been b

(These photos are not clickable, please go to my userinfo to find my Etsy and Ebay shops)
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Following the birth of my new ebay shop I have spent the week printing and posting countless Winter Solstice cards.  I guess it is time to start thinking about writing and sending my own out. 


Apart from the cards, the other best seller this week has been my Tote bags.  Featuring unique designs they are perfect for screwing up and throwing in your handbag so you don't have to ask for a plastic bag every time.  If you live in London you will probably have heard that there are thoughts to tax plastic bags.  Good thing too, there are far too many sitting abandoned in landfills.

(Photos today are not clickable, instead follow the buttons below to buy)

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The Birch Tree now has a shop on Ebay.

Click on the link to visit my ebay store where you will find a number of designs and options with both the option to 'buy it now' or wait and bid and hopefully pick up a bargain.

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Today I have been mostly....

.... Making Christmas Cards!

Just shows what you can do with a set of blank cards and some old photos of Hampstead Heath in the snow.  All photos are clickable.

The Pagan friendly version                                                My friend the fox

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